How to Buy Domain and Hosting

  • July 13, 2023
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The Most Intuitive & Easiest way to Register a domain and Host in Ethiopia!
Follow the steps below and you will be online in no time

  •  Fully Automated
  •  Convenient Payment Method

#1 Select a Package

Navigate to or and go to the section where the available packages are listed. then click on "Order Now"

#2 Select A Domain

Depending on your need select one of the options and submit your domain

  • Register Domain:  if you want to buy a new Domain Name
  • Transfer Domain: if you have a domain and want to move your domain to Yegara 
  • Use My Own Domain: If you want to Buy Hosting Only

#3 Place Your Order

Fill out your name, phone, Email and choose a convenient Payment Method for you and Place your Order

#4 Make Payment

Go-ahead and Make a deposit in to the account you received!

#5 Confirm Payment

After Making the Deposit Open the the invoice and click on the bank you used and  Fill out Your Name, The Transaction reference number, And Date and click on Submit Deyail

That Is It, Your account will be Activated within 10 Minutes.

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kidus teferi
March 21, 2024

how can i edit the incorrect domain name after paying

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